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To Paris!


Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve been busy with dramatic stuff…but it doesn’t matter, I mean, only 3 people read my blog anyway.

So I was getting out of the shower when I thought of a story idea. I was confident that I had a good basis, but it lead me on a different thought. Models around the world are beautiful and “natural”, right? Well they’re also skinny as heck…and the search teams that look for models are all looking for girls who wear a 0 in jeans to a -1. So what’s the message here? To be considered “pretty” and magazine worthy, you have to consume nothing but water and almonds. These emaciated girls get into fashion magazines, and I’m talking about freaking Paris designer magazines. Girls will slave over these clothes that look like horrid messes of chopped of fabric that was super glued together. And when regular people call them horrid, we are blamed with having no sense of clothes or fashion. Seriously? Is this (photo above) really what every girl wants? If you want this, imagine wearing it to school. Will people be fawning over it now? Yeah, I don’t think so. And the young, innocent teenage girls who delude themselves into thinking that it’s gorgeous clothing, long to have them and store them in their closets until they’re yesterday’s thing. Oh, but here’s the fun part. Back to being size -1, they don’t make these clothes in a size 3 or 5. No. It’s always -1. So bigger girls out there, who are also beautiful despite what anyone says, will never feel beautiful because they can’t squeeze into that tiny excuse for decent clothing. American fashion isn’t good either, but at least we don’t wear chopped up business suits with space pants. That is all. Oh. And I don’t own the photo above. So, it would be great if no one sued me. Peace.