The Fair

Ahh the fair. Such a lovely time to spend ridiculous amounts of money, get into fights, and vomit on rides. What could be better? 

How about, anything?

I have never had good experiences with the fair. I’ve cried, been cheated out of money, and had awkward to bad run-ins. I thought, maybe this year would be better. Oh no. 

It’s the first day, I was sick, and I saw a few people that didn’t really make me smile. In fact, I have had problems with these people in the past. Contact was made, temperatures rose, and I cautiously avoided them with ease, while keeping a close eye out.

The fair is not a good time. Na-da. Since I am tired I will retire to bed, but I do plan on writing about these three people another day. This post was just an update to say that I am okay. Fair winds 🙂

2 responses to “The Fair”

  1. Nick Cordell says :

    The fair just sucks, period. It gets worser every year, some things don’t come back, and I can’t even fit on most of the rides because I’m either too tall, or too big.

    The only thing that is cool though, is the destruction (demolition) derby, that’s always fun in my opinion.

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