Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Now I know what you’re thinking, porn book? Really? Why in God’s name would you decide to read that? Well, all I knew about this book was its graphic scenes of erotic foreplay and exotic sexual fantasies. (I won’t go into detail). Being the bookworm I am, I looked up the summary on the oh so trustworthy internet. I didn’t get an eye-full of sexual words, but what sounded like an excellent plot. Take away the sex scenes and it could be a magnificent teen book. What I am used to reading, however, is not found in this book. So when I expected him to whisk her away into his room, it would end there and then at the beginning of the next chapter they woke to fresh pancakes. No. Oh no no no. Not this book. I can say one word. Detail. Holy cow, the detail. But let’s not think of that.

For a little backstory, my mother has always been a lover of books, so she is more than happy to buy me any book I find on the shelf. I was in shock when she told me no to a book. No? Well I guess I can understand. Finally, I got my hands on it (through her consent). And I began a long and perilous journey through the life of Anastasia Steel and Christian Grey. 

Ana is the average college girl in her Senior year, ready to graduate. I won’t sum everything up, but she ends up meeting Christian, the most perfect being there could be. Tall, handsome, mysterious, loaded with money. He’s polite and generous, and has a strong passion for things. Passion doesn’t even cover his secret.

Even though his…rough side…is dangerous (to say the least), he finds himself smitten with Ana. She’s not like the others, and he’s gentle with her. She feels vulnerable around him.

This story sent me on a whirlwind of emotions; shock, suspense, lust, jealousy, hair-gripping drama, and endless gasps. I couldn’t put the book down.

The ending…oh the ending. To put it bluntly, I cried. I cried inside. I sobbed inside. On the outside, one tear fell. The resolution made my heart jerk for Christian, the sadist. And Ana I felt like I could empathize with.

Many think I’m weird for picking up this book, but it helps me advance as a writer. Now I won’t go into detail, but watching intimate scenes in movies or reading them in books make me squirm in awkwardness. I can write better, now more comfortable with exploring the depths that my pen can take me.

Oh, but it’s not over. There are two more books in the trilogy, and I plan to get my greedy hands on those and read the heck out of them as well. 

Wish me luck. Oh, and make sure to pick up your own copy. You won’t regret it.

5 responses to “Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey”

  1. Kim brown says :

    Oh My Goodness. Well, your summary was very G-rated and allowed the reader to imagine the (delights?) awaiting in those pages. lol

  2. josh says :

    lol wish i could have seen your face. lol

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