What Now?

Humans love. We love Love, and we hate Love. I have a very common relationship with Love. I love AND hate Love. Most people love Love when Love is in their favour. She isn’t always there. When I’m with my family…I fight and argue…things get intense. But then there are the moments.

ImageWhere we break down because no one sees inside. We hide in our rooms, not talking. And when we do we are questioned. Then we go back to not talking. Then we cry inside.

Where we break down in silence because we love our family too much to let anything out.

Where we break down because we have to take care of everything and no one turns around and asks if you are okay, where we have to take care of the people we love, and have trouble finding our own happiness.

Where we break down because we feel unloved, like no one wants us. Where being alone means dying inside. Where every bit of us is crumbling, shrinking, until it is no longer there.

Where we break down because our family doesn’t speak. We are drifting apart. And once we’re gone…we are gone.

Take time for your loved ones. That doesn’t just mean family. Look to your friends, the ones who have been there for you through every step, who have never turned around and threw it back in your face. I appreciate those who do, though I don’t always say it. 

Go to someone right now and tell them how much they mean. How long until they’re gone?

I love my family. 

Chase; Dad; Zach; Mom. You mean the world to me. In the morning I’m going to shake my head and wonder why I posted this…but I hope I don’t delete it. 


One response to “What Now?”

  1. vccpres says :

    Don’t delete it

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