Most of you will be turned away by the title, but this post is not all about Pewdie. I’ve been a fan of Pewdiepie since January of 2011, and since then I have made many more “bro’s” that will follow Pewdie’s videos and enjoy. Now, past that, I enjoy Pewdie, though others (besides my converted friends), don’t. My brother, my friend’s sister, mostly family members, seem to resent Pewdie. I like a lot of things that others don’t. I’ve always had a taste for opera, and not dubstep. I think little to no make-up is better than make-up made by Crayola. I would rather read a book than see a movie. I prefer being around a few people instead of a lot, and I hate being alone. Music is most certainly NOT my life, and I would much rather play a video game I have beaten three times opposed to one that I just discovered that day. I do things differently. I have always done things differently, and I have been shunned for it. My hair was never perfect and my clothes didn’t always match. But I was me. I still am me. To this day I am discovering more and more about myself that I never knew was there. I had no idea that riding on a motorcycle would be amazingly good fun; I always pegged myself as a stay-in-the-car person. While most girls and boys my age have decided that they are the most perfect beings in the world, I have decided to point out my flaws and try to change them for the better. When I notice someone has stopped talking to me for no reason, I go through the recent events that occurred with that person to see what I did wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t have been clingy. Maybe that joke I made was taken seriously. Maybe I did this wrong and that wrong and didn’t say that when I was supposed to. How the Hell should I know what you want? So I learn. I’m still learning. And I’ll be damned if someone wants me to change for them. Sure, a few twists to know that making fun of someone’s breast size is wrong can be made. For most of my life, the things I have done have been mocked. Only recently have I made very special friends that accept me. And those who have ruined memories of my past, will stay in the fucking past. I like being weird. I like my laugh. I like the noises I make when I’m surprised. I like learning who isn’t my friend. I like being a writer. I like the journey I have been on so far, though it has been a tough one. So if you don’t like something I do and decide to pick on me for it, if you decide that I don’t meet your expectation of what a teenage girl should look like, if I don’t have the perfect whatever, you can shove it down your throat and back the fuck off. 



One response to “Pewdiepie”

  1. Kim brown says :

    Excellent. You are you, that’s for damn sure. Never change, except as you evolve along your journey, for you! Bravo!

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