So it begins. (Again)

Haley Z. Brown. I was born on October 11 in a town called Marin County, near San Francisco. My family consists of my loving father, Larry, my chipper mother, Kim, and my independent older brother, Chase. I was raised in a house to know rules and respect. I was taught to obey the law and say please and thank you. Throughout my childhood and into my early teens I was very sickly. I would be sick in every aspect and be thrown from everyday activities to the confinement of my room where I would sulk and hold back from fun. Yet, I didn’t want to stop searching for the solution to the problem that I held. My mother and I hopped to countless doctors and physicians, to find one who send me to have a procedure done. Thus, the parasite was found. HelioBaxterHilamani, or so it was called, had plagued my stomach for more than 10 years. After much medication, it had been eradicated and now I try to power through life with the mental scar that it left on my mind. Who I am now is who I have been searching for. And knowing me, I’ll be saying that in a year. Enjoy!


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