Sharing Our Secrets

During childhood, we find a friend that is there through thick and thin. Someone who watches your back and doesn’t stab you while back there. After a while, however, I start to wonder why two people can be friends for so long. When we grow up we find new interests and people to spend your time with, while that long time friend is right behind you. After knowing each other for years and years, have you ever looked in and thought, “what do we have in common?” More than likely, (in my opinion), the answer is nothing. Sure, you still laugh at Spongebob and you still buy friendship bracelets wherever you travel to, but you do those things every time. There is nothing new, no new jokes, no new places to go to, it’s just the two of you. I think that people can be friends for so long BECAUSE they have been friends for so long. So you’ve had a best friend since 3rd grade, and now what happens in your Sophomore year of high school? Nothing. You stick by each other because you know how each other ticks. Or do you? Have you noticed a change in your friend lately, and you just can’t figure out why? Is there something missing in the relationship? And then they start pulling away, and you can feel it, though both would never admit it. As the phone calls stop and the hang-out times are jsut run-ins at the store, you wonder about the friendship and where it’s going. That’s when you ask yourself, “why am I friends with this person?” Oh yeah…I have no idea.


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