Inside You

Ahh pregnancy. 

Pregnancy seems to be a trend happening. It seems every time I turn my head a girl I know is pregnant. Sometimes a girl that I least expected. But what irritates me are the names that follow these pregnant girls. People think that girls who get pregnant are whores or sluts. Well they’re not. They just made a mistake. Just because a girl gets pregnant doesn’t mean she sleeps around with every guy. It’s not fair that they are stereotyped that way.

When a girl gets pregnant there is always that moment of hesitation where she has to decide on an abortion, to keep the baby, or to give the baby up for adoption. When a mother makes a choice, she obviously has to talk to the father, if he is around. Their choice will then effect the rest of their lives.

When girls are pregnant and they think about keeping it, they think the worse. There goes college and a social life. Your baby is now the number one thing in your life.

I hate how people say that the girls that get pregnant have bad home lives. Like…the girls that are pregnant have no support at home or means of protection. That not the case all the time. Liek I said, some girls just made a bad choice. It happens. And if their home is not at YOUR standards does not mean that they aren’t loved and that their baby will not have a great life surrounded by those who love him.

I am pro-abortion. I believe girls should have a choice for THEIR future. If you can’t take care of the child or you were raped and couldn’t handle it, abortion might be something to consider. If I brought up that point to my friend, she would argue that adoption is just as good as an idea. Someone who can’t have a child would take care of your baby that you can’t care for.

There are many options.

Girls who get pregnant are stereotyped as whore. And most aren’t. Keyword. Most. Some girls sleep around and get pregnant. Some may think it’s what they deserve. I guess only God knows.


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