Games, Games, Games

(This is all in my opinion)

I like video games. I do. They are fun and a good time waster. But I stick to the games that I know and don’t mind playing over…and over..and over again. Like the Sims; Diablo; Left4Dead; (my personal favourite) Dragon Age. One thing I cannot stand, are fake gamers.

I hate how girls that only play COD consider themselves gamers. Don’t get me wrong, I was there, too. I was all cocky thinking I was a huge gamer, but I’m not. Sure, there are different levels of “gamers”, and I think that everyone is a level of gamer, but these girls (and sometimes guys) are going around boasting how they went 35 and 2 in their last MW3 match, or how they had a killing streak for 3 minutes in Halo.

No. Shut up. 

I classify a gamer as someone who has many games, plays many platforms, and tries new games everytime one comes out. I stick to games that I like. I wonder how I even found some games, seeing as though I don’t ‘wander’ too much. A few weeks ago I asked my friend if he could offer any games that I might like. He loaned me Overlord 1 and Overlord 2. I haven’t touched them. Well, maybe to enter them into my Xbox so another friend could play.

When I was in 8th grade I was under the impression that if you liked a game enough and played it many times, you were a gamer. I liked Borderlands, Diablo, Sims, Saints Row, Dragon Age, Fable, Left4Dead, WoW…those were the games I stuck to. I even have a photo that I made, with me in the middle saying ‘gamer girl’. I ‘gamed’ and I raged, but I wasn’t a full-on gamer. I know people who are, and I think gamers are cool people, if not stereotyped wrong.

And that’s my rant. 🙂


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