Dream Land

Everyone knows that sleep is very important. If you go too long without sleep, you’ll go crazy and die. Usually people will just pass out after a while…but yeah. BOOM. Dead. Everyone I know, loves sleep. They LOVE to go to sleep and dream and be refreshed. I don’t. I hate sleep. I f-ing hate sleeping. I wonder why, and I still have barely figured it out. I hate not being able to move. To sleep, you don’t move and get up and walk around. You’re still. I think it’s the laying there…waiting for sleep to find me. It creeps me out. Even now, thinking about it, I’m dreading looking at the clock because each time I do, an hour has gone by. That’s one more hour to nightfall. The only good thing about nighttime approaching is that I get tired. Like…really tired. And then I’m all for bed. I don’t mind. And then if I come up with a good story, I get to lay down in my bed with the calming fan on, and think about it. Plan it out. And then BOOM. Morning. And thus the day starts again. More pacing waiting for night time. This is going to get old.


One response to “Dream Land”

  1. Kim brown says :

    Waiting for sleep IS creepy; and frustrating too.

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