A Given

I was given a topic. Bullying.

Oh God how I hate that word. Let alone the action that comes with it. Kids bully. They are ruthless and souless. How can a parent stand by and watch their kids do this to others that are different? And it’s not only kids that are assholes; adults. Adults can be the most f*cked up people, which is where their kids get it. Don’t think that once you’re out of high school people are going to magically change and apologize and be your best friend. Odds are, they will never see their mistakes and bad decisions, so they will forever be ignorant and stubborn. I see adults bullying other adults AND kids. The picking apart and the names. They slander everything that other person has. And there is one factor that does this.

Jealousy. How I loathe jealousy. I know now why people are so mean. The main cause is: they are jealous. They can’t stand another person becasue of the things they have or the way they look. I felt anger that came from jealousy first hand. There is this girl I know. She got so much attention from guys that I liked…and I never understood why. So I went to her Facebook page and looked at her photos. Then I did something that was not me. I started tearing her apart. Saying that she wasn’t pretty, that she was a slut and she didn’t deserve what she had. 

Then I stopped. I stopped mid sentence. I sat there for a good minute. What the f*ck was I doing? I was picking on this girl because I was jealous? Why would I do that? She was a nice girl! Simple and generous. She is pretty and came off as a good friend. I shook my head and kicked myself. I now know why people pick on each other. I’ve been there. I’ve been the bullied and for once, the bully. That was done on the computer, which now leads me to another point.

Cyberbullying. Same basic principle, but this time it’s over the computer, where you are safe from hits to the stomach, but not to the mind. People cuss at each other and exchange names and accusations. It gets bad. I’ve seen my fair share and have been IN them. I started ONE because I was angry. And I regret it. All the others were made to me. The words…they hurt. They made no sense, and on the other end is usually a hypocrite that has no idea where his information is coming from. It’s sad when people do that, because then people will call each other pansies and threaten them. But seriously, how often do physical fights come off of that? Not a lot.

Back to reality. 

I hate, hate, HATE when people call bullies the “popular” crowd. No. They are almost NEVER popular. I classify a popular person as someone who is nice and liked by everyone. They aren’t mean and they don’t hate on people. They are friends with everyone. Not those superficial jerks. The people that are classified as “popular” are usually girls and guys that have a tight group, that is large. They seem to be everywhere and seem to focus in on one person. Usually, it’s YOU. Don’t be mistaken by this cheery group. Odds are, none of them like each other. In fact, they will talk about each other behind their backs, and have the most innocent faces when they turn around. I have a perfect example. When I was in 8th grade, there were two girls in the bathroom along with me. (Names changed) *Amy and *Jane were talking about one of their “best friend’s”, *Carla. The words that came out of their mouths were foul. “Loser”, “bitch”, “liar”….all words I knew too well. I finished my business and left. Then behind me followed Amy. I witnessed her walking straight up to Carla and reporting what Jane had just said about her, while leaving Amy’s name out of it. She wasn’t a true friend. None of them were. They never will be.

Please, watch yourselves out there. This is just me, but I do not trust anyone. Not even my closest friends. I am very skeptical. That’s what bullying does to you. It gives you trust issues. It makes you crazy and self conscious of everything. Surround yourself with friends that are true. Try to relate with friends that went through the same thing. Be a true friend and you will get a true friend in return.

Please, please stop this mindless bullying. It doesn’t matter if someone is different, or has different hair, is skinnier, is wealthier, has a different odor, a different face, a different taste in friends…they are a human being. They have emotions and ambitions. They have hope. And you are destroying that. You are destorying what this person is. You have absolutely no idea what you are doing. You never will.

And before you turn on a friend for no apparent reason, make sure you look back on the things they did for you. Did they stick up for you? Did they stay behind you when no one else did? Did they take the blame for anything you did? Think. Think about friendships and what they are offering. Not good enough? Do they not meet your expectations? Don’t set too high of standards. No one will reach them, and you will forever be alone on that tall pedistal.

I will take my leave now before my keyboard lights on fire. 

End bullying. Now.


One response to “A Given”

  1. Donna says :

    I really liked this blog. I appreciate your honesty; you had some important points. I was bullied as a child & it left scars a long time healing. I hope you keep writing on this topic.

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